Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flash Fiction Challenge: At The Zoo

My author friend (and one of the best crime authors I know) Patti Abbott has this great blog, and today, she posted a flash fiction challenge! These are such fun, so I hope all you writer friends join in.

The skinny:
  • Setting: at the zoo
  • Under 1200 words
  • Post on April 2nd
If you're participating, let me know, so I can link to your blog. I can also post your story here, if you don't have a blog yourself. It's a great way to discover some new writers, and write something at the same time. Win, win.

This picture is of the Santa Barbara Zoo in California, my favorite zoo I've visited so far. How about you all? Share your zoo, for my next road trip?


  1. I really like the fact that this challenge might bring some new kinds of stories in. Several people have questioned whether it has to be about crime at all. Set your zoo on the moon, if you dare. That would be great. Mine is set in 1906 and the research is threatening the word count.

  2. 1906--can't wait to read! I'm still brewing my idea... The zoo seems good for a kid's story.