Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Music: I Can't Make You Love Me

Last night, I watched the Grammy Awards--the whole three-plus hours of it. It was interesting, particularly as a creative person, to watch this year's batch of musicians. It seemed to me like 2011 was the year of extremes: you were either a dude/dudette with a guitar and a microphone, or Mr. Techno with a lightshow.

Personally, I always love the simpler approach, with all respect to the laser crew.

One stand-out (aside from Adele's lovely honest moment, snot and all) was Bon Iver's acceptance speech. It ran too long, he used it as a soapbox for the indie musician, and he didn't even thank God like you're supposed to. I enjoyed watching this faux pas winner.

Here's a Bon Iver cover of a pretty song, and the same song by Grammy goddess Adele. Each pretty awesome in their own right.

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