Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Awards--Do You Care?

I'm reading my way through the Edgar nominees, as you regulars to the blog probably know. So far, the caliber of books is impressive. And they're books I might not have picked up otherwise, so this awards mattered to me, I guess.

But there are so many awards! Edgars, Anthonys, DILYS, etc.--and that's just in the mystery department. I'm sure all are deserving, but there are A LOT of awards. And I watched my oldest dismiss a book the other day because there was one of those book award medal emblems on it... It was not a mystery award, at least. But still.

So I wonder: does a book award nomination or win matter to you? For books that you buy for the kids in your life? Or outside books, the Oscars, Grammys whatever? I'm curious.


  1. I do look at the lists of nominees for the big literary awards. But I also want to read what the book is about, etc., before I decide to pick it up. I've been disappointed a couple times by just reading everyone on the list. However, it is a way to see what's considered hot or important or zeitgeisty at a point in time. And it's an opportunity to see if you can find a commonality in voice, style, whatever that helped the books make the list.

    This year I saw 6 of the 9 best picture nominees before the Academy Awards. I knew which one would win and it did. The Artist was good, but I thought The Descendants should have won. Subjective, subjective, subjective.

    I haven't paid attention to the Grammy's in years, maybe decades. Probably a sign that I'm old. ;-0

    Even though I've never been to New York City, I watch the Tony Awards religiously to see what plays/musicals I'm going to want to buy tickets for when they go on the road.

  2. I do pay attention to Edgars. The Oscars is fun to watch but that's about it. I like the Grammys for the performances but not the winner. I never watch the Tony Awards because it depresses me not to have seen the plays.

  3. Never watched the Tonys, I should give them a chance. You bring up an important point, Deb. Often you can guess what will win (because of buzz, politics, whatever)

    I follow the Edgars for YA and Juvenile, but find that it's a challenge to read all the nominees before the winner is announced...

  4. Really depends on the award when it comes to books. Like everything, some have more impact than others. A Pulitzer nominee is going to grab my attention faster than a local newspaper's 'Best Of.' That's my As a Reader.

    My As a Writer: Gimme all the adoration possible!! =)

  5. "Posted." Whatever.

    (And now I can't stop posting.)

  6. Yeah, Jenny can comment! Oh no, watch out everyone... :-)

    I know what you mean: it would be most cool to get an award.