Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Quote, And Guinness

I've never been much of a networker. When I go to a conference, I'd rather have a good conversation with a new friend than try to weasel my way into some Important Person's circle. The good part: I meet cool, interesting people that become friends for a lifetime.

The bad part: I don't know anyone famous. And I've come to that part in the new book release business that I need quotes. Preferable from those very Important People I left alone at the bar, because I didn't want to seem like a suck-up.

I make a great fangirl to authors like Rick Riordan, James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, Neal Shusterman, Elmore Leonard--I could go on for a while, but you get the picture. But now that it's time to grovel for quotes... I know they're not going to want to read my debut and quote that it's a rollercoaster ride and stuff.

And I'm terrible at asking for help. I once drywalled a whole room by lifting the sheets on my toes--a story for another time. Must be that stubborn Dutchness.

In case you're famous: I'll buy you a Guinness if you'll read my book. Oh, who am I kidding--I'll even buy you a Guinness if you're not famous, because it's all the same to me. And I like a beer and a good conversation with any writer, published or not. We all write one word at a time, right?

How 'bout you, YA Sleutheri? Are you good at asking for help, or are you a stubborn Dutch girl that way too?


  1. Mmmm. Beer. I'd be happy to read your debut...if the blurbitation can wait about a month. I have this deadline looming over my head like that fabled sword. Harper Children's will be publishing my new "Dortmunder Caper for Kids" series RILEY MACK AND THE OTHER KNOWN TROUBLEMAKERS next we're in the same family!

    Chris Grabenstein

  2. Know what you mean. And I remember how hard this was for my kid back then. And still is. I don't know why the publishers don't handle this. How can a new writer be expected to know anyone. But how about Barrie Summy. She is as nice as can be. And she hangs around with a lot of YAers.

  3. Replies
    1. I just realized: Barrie Summy my 12 year-old's favorite author! She has all her books. Small world...

      For quotes, I think I need mystery authors with boy appeal, so I'd hate to waste her time. But I'll know to mention you when I hopefully meet her someday.

  4. Chris: I'm fangirl speechless... A month is fine. Will send you a message offline for your snail mail address to send a copy. And I'll be adding RILEY MACK AND THE OTHER KNOWN TROUBLEMAKERS to my list (can't wait).

    Patti: I think it's because authors with a recognizable name get so many requests, a personal connection works best. Publishers still try, but probably have as much success as I do with my beer bribery :-)
    I imagine Megan gets her share of quote requests now...

  5. See, Fleur? All ya gotta do is ask. You rock! And Chris Grabenstein rocks! And everyone willing to blurb your book rocks! I would totally blurb your book if anyone really cared what I had to say...

    Though, would Parent of Ten Year Old Boy Had To Pry This Book Out of His Grasping, Greedy Hands - Your Kid Will Love This Too! work?

  6. And beer helps :-))) Your quote means everything to me fwiw.

  7. I have the same dread -- and my release is much farther away! So, beer is all it takes? Based on the description of your book, I imagine there will be plenty of authors willing to support it...even WITHOUT the beer.

    RILEY MACK is a great, fun, caper-y read -- I bet you'll enjoy it very much:-)

  8. You're too kind, Kristen. And I'm looking forward to reading RILEY MACK.

    One thing I vow is to remember how it feels to be the new guy groveling for help. So if I ever make it big enough to be asked for quotes, I'll help the next newbie.

  9. Did you guys see that you can 'tweet' beer now on twitter...literally buying someone a beer. I'm fuzzy on how it works but I saw it after this post. There's some crazy stuff out there.

  10. This sounds like my kind of tweet, Jenny. I shall investigate...