Thursday, March 15, 2012

Superhero Librarians

All librarians rock in my world. But this article at SLJ spotlights a particularly rockin' library lady: Interview: An Enterprising Texas School Librarian Goes All-Out for Teens

Know a librarian who wears a cape? Educational publisher Gale is looking for nominations; get the skinny here.


  1. Mrs. Becker was the librarian in our little local library. I don't think she ever had an assistant. She did it all. I always thought she was mean--she didn't like that I read books from all the shelves at age 10--but the fact that she was there at all was amazing.

    Mr. Lonnergan was the high school librarian. He made it a place to hang out. And while we were there he thought he might as well play some classical music. I already loved classical, but I think for many of the students it was their first taste. Other than cartoons, of course. I can't hear Scheherazade without thinking of him.

  2. These sound like characters for a story, Deb. Awesome.

    My unexpected delight here in Biloxi is a local librarian who always talks about what book she's reading with such passion, I instantly add it to my TBR pile. She loves all things spooky and dresses up to work for Halloween.