Monday, May 14, 2012

Favorite Movie + Good Song = Happy Monday

O Brother, Where Art Thou? is still one of my favorite movies. And this is probably one of the few country songs I actually like.

Happy Monday. Y'all...



  1. I loved hearing how George Clooney expected to actually sing this song for the soundtrack. (He is related to Rosemary Clooney.) They let him record a bit in the studio, then played it back for him. He walked out with his head hanging.

  2. That's a cool story; hadn't heard it before. You always think you sound better than you do... (karaoke night, anyone?:-)

    Clooney did one heck of a job on that character, though. The bad singing doesn't matter to anyone but him, I imagine.

  3. One of my favorites too. The Coen Brothers have given us a lot of great films.

  4. Even if George Clooney did walk out of the recording studio with his head hanging, his acting in ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’ was incredible. I love the film due to the bizarre progressive beauty, and ‘A man of Constant Sorrow’ is a fantastic song. When I am traveling frequently on business for Dish, I find myself watching more movies, than when I’m home. It’s my passion for film that pushes me to subscribe to Blockbuster @Home, so I can receive my movies by mail prior to my trip. I’m in a majority of fans, who love George Clooney, but I’ve not seen ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’ in a long time. Tonight my hotel will be filled with constant laughter.