Monday, August 13, 2012

Look, I'm On The Small Screen!

Okay, so that doesn't quite mean I'm on TV or anything (I wish). But I made an author video, and the kind people at Harper put an ad up at Shelf Awareness for Double Vision that links to it.

You can see the video to the right, so you can watch me babble about the book.

Later this week, I'll share with you (since many of you are writers) how I managed to make this video, despite my infamous dinosaur status.

Let me know what you think of the video! And be kind, since I'm not Julia Roberts or anything...


  1. Nicely done, madam.

    BTW, you might enjoy Andrew Klavan's Homelanders series. Sounds like it shares some commonalities with Double Vision.

  2. Thanks, Loren! That series sounds familiar--will check it out...

  3. Thanks! It was mostly the software, honestly :-)