Monday, August 27, 2012

What Would You Pack If You Had To Make a Run For It?

Quietude on the blog here, as I moved house last week, cleaned and painted the old digs to hand over the keys, and readied for Isaac.

Tropical-Storm-That-Might-Become-A-Hurricane Isaac that is. All this moving, (un)packing, and being confronted with the stuff we own made me wish I owned less...

And of course we have to ready our important things, just in case we're ordered to evacuate. To me, that list of stuff is pretty short. Photo albums, kids and cats (see adorable picture) is what I care most about. Plus my trusty old netbook.

How about you? What would you grab if you had to make a run for it?


  1. House papers, bank documents, investments, ID cards, and some cash. If I can plan the evacuation then perhaps a few of my books and comics too! I hope Isaac doesn't overstay his visit and you're all safe.

  2. Yeah, I brought our small fireproof safe with passports etc. too.

    Thanks for the well wishes, Prashant!

  3. That list sounds about like what I had gathered in case the fire got this far east.

    Batten those hatches and stay safe. At least I know you're smart enough to git if they say git.

    Keep us posted.

  4. Will do, Deb. Thought of you CO friends and the fire a lot as I packed today...

  5. Most of our photos are on the computer now, which reminds me we should have them on a flash drive too. But the ones that count, from years ago, are still in albums.