Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weather And Writing (And Breaking The Rules)

In light of my current stuck-at-home status due to Hurricane Isaac and related flooding, I thought I'd talk weather over at Sleuths, Spies and Alibis.

Come on over! I'm cooking up weather-related mystery plots... 

P.S.: This is an old picture, from a blizzard when I lived in Colorado. 


  1. "A body washes up..." is probably the next most written weather-related opening line. I don't see anything wrong with introducing a mystery plot with a weather line. I think it builds up sufficient ground for good crime-fiction. Great fun! That Colorado blizzard looks scary.

  2. Actually, these floods scare me more...

    Rat Life by Todd Arnold is a YA that uses this body-washes-up plotline. Great book, if you ever get a chance to read.