Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's Your Favorite Series, And Why?

As much as I love a good standalone novel, sometimes all I want is my favorite series. There's just something comforting about opening up a book or turning on the TV, and finding a familiar face. Even if it is fictional.

I love Michael Connelly's books for this reason. Tess Gerritsen is another favorite. On TV--well, that's pretty easy. There's Bones, Leverage, and the new Perception (boy, did that series find its groove toward the end!).

From the writer's perspective, I love writing series characters. As I start thinking of the next book in Linc's adventure, I already look forward to hanging out with Henry and Ben, and Linc's family. It's like meeting old friends, and finding out what's new.

What's your favorite series? Why do you love those characters so much?


  1. I love Perception. Talk about a complicated protagonist. Same with Leverage.

    For books, I like Lisa Lutz's Spellman Files books. A completely dysfunctional family of private investigators. At the center is slacker Izzy who wants nothing to do with the business, but can't resist investigating anything that seems slightly suspicious.

    And I'm hooked on The Bibliophile Mysteries by Kate Carlisle. Brooklyn Wainwright was raised in a cult commune and is now a well-respected book restoration expert. The people of the commune are all well off because they make some really fine wine. Brooklyn's smart and funny. And when she's about to do something stupid, she acknowledges that she's about to do something stupid.

  2. I've been hoping to discover a new series in books--I'm adding those to my list...

  3. On TV: I rarely watch serious TV series though I have been hooked to GREY'S ANATOMY for the past few weeks. I also enjoyed CASTLE. I do prefer comedies with plenty of (dark) humour and satire. My favourite sitcoms in recent years were EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND and BECKER and even FRIENDS (which wouldn't have been half as funny if it weren't for Chandler's one-liners) not to mention nearly every British sitcom I saw in the 1980s, especially YES MINISTER and YES PRIME MINISTER. I like TWO AND A HALF MEN too, the original with Charlie Sheen.

  4. I love that dark humor too, Prashant. I think CASTLE wouldn't be half the show it is without Nathan Fillion's (sp?) great lines.


  5. Still plan on doing the Flash on Monday?

  6. Totally slipped my mind! But I'll do it anyway--fun :-)