Monday, September 17, 2012

What Fall Crime Shows Are You Looking Forward To?

It's new TV season time!

I for one am looking forward to catching up on old favorites, like Bones and Fringe, and maybe a few new additions.

In case you need a quick reference to what's on the tube (crime-wise anyway), check out this Criminal Element post.

How about you? Any TV favorites, or new shows you're looking forward to?


  1. Most British and American TV serials come to India after they go through at least a couple of seasons out there. However, sitcoms like FRIENDS and TWO AND A HALF MEN are shown here around the same time. We are watching multiple reruns of these serials. I'm not familiar with the serials you mentioned but, hopefully, they should be here soon. GLEE and GREY'S ANATOMY is the current flavour on Indian television.

  2. I missed both of those, Patti--one's on the premium movie channels, and the other I just never started. Maybe I'll add them to my DVD wish list...

    Prashant--we are so spoiled here in the U.S., right? I hope Bones and Fringe come your way--both are full of great characters. One upside for you: at least you don't get invested in a fresh new show, only to see it be cancelled by season's end... We sometimes record brand new shows for a few episodes to avoid the disappointment :-)

  3. I'm currently loving Copper on BBC America, and it has nothing to do with the actor playing the lead. Nope, not a thing. Set during the Civil War in New York. Lots of social as well as criminal issues.

    I'm looking forward to Elementary. I hope it's as fun as it looks.

    I lost track of Fringe (DVD want list). I'll be watching Bones, Hawaii 5-0 znc, probably, check out Castle. Didn't love the last season, but find it hard to resist Nathan Fillion.

  4. Like Debbie, I'm interested in seeing how Elementary turns out--I mean, an updated Sherlock Holmes with a female Watson? Got to check this out!

    And of course, there's always Castle.

  5. Missed Hawaii 5-0--another one for the DVD. Watching Copper, but feeling the feminist in me itch :-)

    Elementary is on my list too, A.J. and Deb!

  6. Fleur, I know. And what's sad is that abut 150 years later, it's not all that much different.

  7. On a related note: I watched Bullit the other day. Great classic movie, but a travesty to all womankind. I think the only women in there were anonymous secretaries and nurses, plus one babe. Yikes...