Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where To Get The Best Holiday Presents

I'm a big fan of Thanksgiving, and I get a little offended when people start talking holiday shopping before the bird has been cooked. But I'm going to break my own rule this year...

See, I sent Linc around the States to check out all these great bookstores so he could report back and give us all the scoop. Because as an author and reader, I'm a big fan of these independent bookstores. If you've ever visited a good one, you know how the staff, the atmosphere, and the personal recommendations make all the difference. I've discovered great new authors by visiting my local indies.

So I hope you'll join me and check out these bookstores for your holiday shopping:

Hooray For Books in Alexandria, VA

Seattle Mystery Bookshop in Seattle, WA

Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, GA

Tattered Cover in Denver, CO

Murder by the Book in Houston, TX

Lemuria Books in Jackson, MS

Park Street Books in Medfield, MA

Most of them stock signed books (best present ever!), and will ship them to you. Or go to your own local bookstore. Saturday is Small Business Saturday...

That's my soapbox moment.

Happy Turkey Day, all.


  1. These are really interesting and inventive bookstores and I wish we had some like these in Bombay. We have a few good ones but no genre-specific bookstores like Murder by the Book, for instance, which specialises in crime-fiction. Happy Thanksgiving, Fleur!

  2. The genre-specific stores are great for discovering new authors.

    And I'll wish you a happy Thanksgiving too--even if it's an American holiday :-) I'm thankful for blog readers like you.

  3. A student of my husband's owns a tiny bookstore. Now the inventory is limited but we will try very hard to find a book or two on Saturday. It is really important.

  4. It is. Otherwise, it's all big box stores, and who wants that?