Monday, March 18, 2013

DOUBLE VISION French Cover Reveal! How cool is this? (Tres Cool, I say)

And here it is! Very cool, right?

I owe all my thanks to the amazing people at Foundry (my agency) and Seuil (the French publisher), and of course Harper Children's, since there wouldn't be much to translate without them. So merci beaucoup. It's so exciting to know that Linc's Paris adventure will be available in French this June...

The title means "beware of your double." I won't subject to any of my high school French, since it largely involves me ordering dinner or finding the bathroom. But I wanted to share this great cover with you, since you've stuck around this long.

Happy Monday!


  1. Very cool, Fleur. Congratulations! It's remarkably different from the original cover.

  2. It's the European/French reader sensibilities, I think. They went with more of a comic book style. I like it :-)

  3. How'd I miss this post? Very cool. Not just the cover, but you're published in freakin' France!

  4. Awesome, huh? I hope the kids there love it...