Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where I'm pondering: are blogs going the way of the dinosaur?

I've been a bit quiet here; working on the first draft of Linc's third adventure has me a little occupied (enjoyably so, I must add). I do still enjoy reading other blogs, and checking out funny cat pictures and other Facebook distractions....

Yesterday, Murderati announced it's wrapping up the blog. Blogs come and go, but this one has been around a while (7 years, I believe), and one I followed. So it'll be weird to watch it go. It did get me thinking--and this has been brought up elsewhere before... 

Are blogs a dying art? I use the term art loosely here, but you get my point. Are Facebook, Twitter, etc. taking over as places to have a conversation? Murderati cited this changing marketplace, because of course these writers started the blog to gain an audience to sell books to.

Do you read a lot of blogs anymore? You're here, so at least your reading this one, but have your habits changed with this changing web-o-sphere?


  1. I've never read a lot of blogs. Maybe ten tops, mostly friends and a few authors or agents I admire. I still read the same ones.

    I think that Facebook and Twitter may just be additional time sucks. And they seem to take less time than reading a blog because of the length of the post. But there are so many more--and not all of them of any quality or appeal--that they take even longer than just checking in with someone who actually does have something to say.

    My $.02

  2. I'm the same way: I read a handful of blogs, mostly by friends or fellow writers, or librarians...

    Facebook is more like a water-cooler spot, Twitter I read for news. Time sucks, for sure :-)

  3. I like reading blogs, as opposed to just Facebook and Twitter. I feel that I get a better sense of the individual in longer posts.

  4. Me too, Jennifer. And on a selfish level, it gives me a chance to talk as long as I want :-)

  5. Fleur, I have never been on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, I'm not even registered on either. I prefer blogs — there's more meat in them. I read about 25 blogs during the week, mostly about books and films, and I learn much as I go along. I think blogs are going to be around for a long time. They are the next best thing to happen after "Dear Diary" and afford an opportunity for wannabe creative writers who otherwise would have no platform to pen their stuff. Some of the best blogs today are blogs based on hobbies and that tells us something.

  6. I like my online friends so I keep going. But at lot of the blogs I read in 2006 when I started it are gone now.

  7. I think you sum up the reason for blogging best, Prashant.

    Patti: I wonder if those people just ran out of stuff to say. I struggle with that sometimes... I admire your blog a great deal.