Thursday, October 10, 2013

Announcing the Code Name 711 blog tour (with lots of giveaways...)

I'm so excited that Double Vision: Code Name 711 is coming out next week...!

To share my excitement, I called on a bunch of blogger friends to help me get the word out about Linc's second adventure. And the kind people at Harper Children's have graciously donated a stack of copies of both Double Vision (Linc's first adventure), and the new Double Vision: Code Name 711 for a double-powered giveaway.

Cool, right?

So check out these blogs, and follow me as I make stops to talk about Linc, Culper spies, and how cool George Washington is (he really is, you know). And as always: thank you all, my faithful readers, for helping me make some noise. It's appreciated more than you know.

Double Vision: Code Name 711 Blog Tour Stops

Oct 7: Librarian extraordinaire Ms. Yingling reviews Double Vision: Code Name 711

Oct. 7: Criminal Element is giving away a Top-Secret Spy Kit for kids, including the first and second book in the Double Vision series.

Oct. 8: Double Vision is MG Ninja’s book of the week. There’s an interview and a review!

Oct 8: Check out this great review of Code Name 711 at Our Thoughts Precisely...

Oct. 15: Launch day! Look for an interview at Sleuths, Spies and Alibis plus another GIVEAWAY of books… Also, virtual cake and lemonade is on me.

Oct. 16, 17: Buried in Books reviews Code Name 711, plus another GIVEAWAY:

Oct. 18: Unleashing Readers—a review of Code Name 711 and interview and GIVEAWAY

Oct. 21: This Kid Reviews Books—cool kid Erik gives his verdict on Linc’s second adventure, and another GIVEAWAY

Oct. 23: Word Spelunking—an interview and GIVEAWAY

Oct. 25: The ever amazing in-the-know Pragmatic Mom reviews Code Name 711, plus another GIVEAWAY:

Oct. 28: An interview at Caroline Starr Rose’s blog feature,Curriculum Connections—find out how Code Name 711 can be used in the classroom! Plus, a GIVEAWAY

Oct 29: Another amazing librarian, YA Booknerd, reviews Code Name 711... Plus, a GIVEAWAY

Oct. 30: A review at Kids Mystery Book Reviews! And an interview on Nov. 4...

And in case you missed it, here's the book trailer:



  1. So cool! The winners are in for a treat.

  2. What a great line-up! I finally got a chance to see the trailer, and it's very suspenseful. Good work!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, guys! It's been fun working on the trailer and blog tour :-)

  4. Love the blog tour! The buried in books link doesn't seem to be working...

  5. I fixed it--thanks for letting me know!