Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Too Many Books, Movies, TV, Not Enough Time... How Do You Decide?

We're busy here at Casa Bradley. This doesn't make us special--everyone has their jobs, after-
hours activities, friends to keep up with. Never mind pesky domestic duties. There's only so much time to read, watch TV, go see movies...

Something I noticed lately (and I don't know if this is new, or if I just have less time) is that there is SO MUCH TV! Good stuff, shows I don't get around to. Same goes for books: I just took a look at the CYBILS award nominations, and there was already a GIANT list of books I'd love to read. Hat tip to the judges for reading so many books. I know I'll be lucky if I get around to reading just a few...

Which made me wonder: how do you cull the herd of entertainment options? Do you wait to see what others like, or do you only read/watch what's new?

We just watched the latest Transformer movie, and afterward I kind of felt like someone owed me a few hours...


  1. Fleur, old or new, I usually read books and watch movies that I feel like at that point of time. I'm not very particular of the books I read and the films I watch as I cover most genres there are.

  2. I think that might be the best way to go, Prashant. I know I sometimes watch and read to trend/what's new too much, usually with bad results...

  3. I read books that my friends and fellow bloggers and writers recommend to me. I watch movies that look good to me and I sometimes take recommendations from friends. I only have basic cable right now, so my shows are limited to what I like. :)

  4. I look at blogs (like yours) too, esp. for book recommendations, Jess. I don't think you're missing all that much with basic cable, fwiw :-)