Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dude, Where's Your Marketing Plan? A Writerly Wednesday Post

I'm 40 days away from my book launch--exciting, no?

But also slightly terrifying. Because this means I have to get more serious about marketing, and having a marketing plan to work from. When Double Vision sold, I started writing down all kinds of brilliant and out-of-the-box ways I could get the word out. Like making an awesome animated book trailer series. Writing articles for parenting magazines. Tweeting a story. Being on Oprah's book club--sure, she doesn't exactly feature my kind of book, but you never know.

So now I'm at the point that I have to turn these fantabulous ideas into an actual plan. Which means about three quarters of them will go in the I-wish-but-it's-not-practical/too-expensive pile (like the Oprah thing). And then there are additions, like sending out postcards. Making giveaway packages. Last week, I got my first invitation to speak at a YA/MG event in a nearby city--cool, right?

Lesson learned: ideas are great, but unless you create an action plan to go with it, they're just air. This marketing plan business is a lot like writing a novel, turns out... Like Yoda said: "Do, or do not. There is no try."

How about you, writer friends? Any recommendations on successful marketing for this newbie?


  1. Schools are always thrilled to have speakers...especially ones who will give talks for free. And you always wanna be in good with the school librarians. =)

    Also there are other places, like YMCAs, with literacy programs and your book hits on a reluctant reader market so they'd be well worth talking to about making a presentation, or offering a free copy or two if you've got 'em.

  2. Had not thought of the YMCA, Jenny--thanks for the tip! I'm working on the schools...

  3. And, of course, you can do a piece for my blog. You need to hook up with Barrie Summy if you haven't. She has a network of YA and middle school writers and readers. I bet they would have tons of ideas.

  4. Will do! I'd be honored to be on your blog (it's one of my favorite stops :-).

    And I'll find Barrie Summy--I really could use all the help, and I love her books.

  5. I second what Jenny Malony said about school visits. I'm a middle school reading teacher, and the school librarian and I were just talking today about how we'd love to have some authors visit, but we don't know if the district will give us any sort of budget for this.

    So if you're ever in the Chicago area and want to visit a middle school, let me know. :)

  6. Will do, A.J.! I have some family in Chicago :-)