Monday, September 10, 2012

Where I'm Inspired by BB King (Monday Music)

I was fortunate enough to catch BB King in concert a few weeks ago--pretty awesome, I have to say.

What struck me most was how much he truly loves his fans. Even at eighty-six years old, he was flirting with the ladies, talking smack about Ray Charles (RIP), and taking time to talk to as many people as he could.

Inspiring. And man, does he rock it on the stage...



  1. Now thems some cool blues for a Monday morning. How great was it seeing him live? Would love to get the chance.

    Doesn't he look like a proud papa watching the others on their solos. Then he just casually does his own thing at the end.

    Watching people who are great at what they do is really inspirational. Makes me ready to try to get there some day. Thanks, Fleur.

  2. He's very comfortable doing exactly as he pleases :-)

    Funny, your thought was exactly mine: he's a master (or king?) of his craft. Most inspiring indeed.

  3. One benefit to living in Biloxi :-) It was a nice, small-scale seated event, which made it extra nice.