Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9 Signs You're Spending Too Much Time Online

The year is almost done! I know, it's a shocker. For me, 2011 was the year of the nomad: I moved twice, and feel like 2011 is still kicking my butt a little.

This past year has also been the year of social networking, it seems. I use my recent move to the deep south as an excuse to find my friends online, but really, there comes a time to take a break from the ol' e-superhighway. I recently caught myself doing stuff that... Well, they were signs that perhaps unplugging is called for, at least for these last few weeks of 2011.

So you can laugh at me (and yourself?), here are 9 signs you're spending too much time online:


9. start conversations with: "I read this great article online..."

8. thought: "I know the perfect hashtag for that"

7. started using Wikipedia as your primary research tool

6. call the internet interwebz, because that's what the lolcats do

5. thought: "I wonder if my Klout score has gone up yet?"

4. can instantly tell if a message is too long to tweet

3. feel like someone moved the furniture in your house when Twitter/Facebook changes their layout

2. call your cat kitteh (see #6)

1. message your spouse/kid/fill-in-the-blank on Facebook when they're in the same room.

Since I've been guilty of just about all of these, I've decided to take an internet break and to treat the rest of 2011 as the Sunday of the year. So I'll see you all in 2012!

Friday, December 9, 2011

26 Toes

No, don't worry, I don't have 26 toes (eeewwww, right?). The one with the toes is this cute kitty named Daniel over at the Milwaukee shelter who helped them raise money to buy a new building. I thought the story was so sweet, I wanted to share...

I'm a sucker for cats, what can I say.

Happy weekend all!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

iHoliday Musings

Apologies for recent quietude on the blog--I've been daydreaming (plotting) about my new book, and untangling Christmas lights. First off: congrats to all my NaNoWriMo writer pals! I'm impresssed.

On a completely different subject (unless you're looking for a reward for your NaNo accomplishments): guess what tops kids' Christmas list? (stolen from Digital Life)

Can I just mention I was raised when you'd get a Barbie--or better yet a book--this time of year? I know, I'm showing my age, but...

An iPad?

Now here's a question from the parent in me: if you're going to give kids an iPad this year, what's under the tree next year? A car?

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