Monday, June 11, 2018

Hope to see you at Denver ComicCon!

I'm going to Denver ComicCon! This is my first ComicCon of any kind, so it'll will be extra fun. I'll have to keep my inner fangirl in check, because there will be two Doctor Whos there.

On a more professional note, I'll be speaking on these panels; come find me if you're there:

80s Resurgence in Books and Movies - Friday, 6/15, 11:00am, Keystone City Mile High Ballroom DCCP4

Creating Believable Monsters - Saturday, 6/16, 12:30pm, Room 405

Why You Should Have Villains of All Stripes - Saturday, 6/16, 4:30pm, Room 405

Not Just Novels - Saturday, 6/16, 5:30pm, Room 405

I promise to try to remember to take pictures...

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