Thursday, February 2, 2017

February brings school visits, good karma, and new mystery TV and books

Welcome to February, the shorty of the months. Here in Colorado, we're getting a few warm days every now and then, which always cheers me up. I hope in your neck of the woods, you get a bit of spring thrown your way, too.

In the writing department, I'm putting a final polish on the crime novel-in-progress for adults before sending it off for edits, plus I'm starting a shiny new middle-grade novel. One of my writer buddies initiated a writing challenge for this month, so I'm joining in for fun. New writing is always good for the spirit.

And February is for school visits, too! Hot dog, the calendar is brimming with Skype visits, in-person visits--those are the best part of my job, honestly. Middle-graders are super cool.

For those of you looking to earn some good karma: author friend S.W. Lothian is building a little library for the oncology ward at the Princess Margeret Children's Hospital in Perth, so kids fighting cancer (and their families) can find a little refuge in a book. Donating is easy, and doesn't even have to cost you in postage (Perth being in Australia and all). Here's the post on S.W. Lothian's blog; contact him to help out!

Mystery Books

I'm reading the Edgar Award nominees for Best Novel this month; so far, they're all really good...

I'm in the middle of Alafair Burke's The Ex, which is having me stay up well past my bedtime. I fear I'll have no thoughts on who will win... What great reading--go check out the nominees here.

Mystery TV

We're Netflix and Amazon binge-watching nutters here in the Bradley house. In the past couple of months, we worked our way through Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, OA, Sneaky Pete (so fun!), Bosch, and now Travelers. I feel like we're living in the golden age of television at the moment, with the best stuff happening on these independent providers. Especially with the current state of politics, I gladly escape to some fictional world, don't you?

Any good TV shows you have to recommend?

Oh, and in recommended music, here's Barns Courtney's Fire. Has a cool, old-school vibe to it.

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