Thursday, May 29, 2014

Word from the road, Skype visits, moving, and writing

Before anyone sends a search party: I haven't fallen into a black hole, or deep swamp, or gone on a pilgrimage to a faraway place (although that last one sounds intriguing, right?). I apologize for the radio silence on the blog. But things have been, well, a bit busy around here.

First, I've been on the road. Good fun, especially the school visits! I love talking to kids, even if they are a lot smarter than I am... I've been to book signings, book festivals. This is me (to the right) with the lovely Emily from Lemuria Bookstore in Jackson, Mississippi. Local bookstores are always the best, but Lemuria is like a hideaway from the world, filled with books. Go visit if you get a chance; you won't regret it.

I've been enjoying my Skype visits with classrooms too. What did we do before the internet, people? It's awesome how you can travel without leaving home.

Also, I've been writing. Dark, broody YA crimey stuff. I'll keep you posted on where that goes, I promise.

And the Bradley clan is relocating, back to beautiful Colorado. We're packing up cats, kids, and books this June, so I'll apologize right now for future radio silence. This 2014 year appears to be the year of chaos...

How have you all been? Any good book recommendations for my summer reading pile??

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