Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday YA Links

Have at it:

First off, happily stolen from Nathan Bransford’s blog: J.A. Konrath talks money. If you are a writer, you must check this out. It certainly left me contemplating the meaning of these numbers.

During a time when you hear nothing but negative reports on how publishing is faring, it was nice to read this article on small mystery press Poisoned Pen’s success. PP is also hosting a web conference on October 24, for those of you looking for a reason not to leave the house. I’ll be there, so come say a virtual hello if you’re there.

Apple is happy to report that 22 percent of teens intend to buy an iPhone in the next 6 months, according to a survey of teens. And apparently plans are underway to add a Rock Band app, so we can rock out on the go.

HR Block has a new program to teach high school kids about finances. In a game-like environment, kids have to get a job, pay the bills—and you can even win a scholarship. Sounds like a cool idea, and something adults could learn something from too.

For you writers thinking of doing the NaNoWriMo thing this year: the smart and talented Alexandra Sokoloff is talking all about craft on her blog this month; looks like a great way to be prepared come November.
And I saw that NaNo has a young writers section too, for you teen writers taking the challenge. Chapeau to all of you attempting this contest; I couldn’t do it.

In Twilight news, there’s now a comic book biography of Stephanie Meyer. I thought it looked pretty nifty.

To add to your book wish list, here are the NBA nominees. Publishers Weekly discusses some questions raised by the nomination of David Small’s Stitches, as (apparently) it wasn’t a clear YA title. I'm staying out of this one, as I'm still recovering from my Edgar hissy-fit.

If you’re in the mood for a good short mystery, check out Sniplits. In honor of Bouchercon, they’re having a mystery week (with some free shorts), and they're featuring author Libby Fisher Hellman.

And for a Halloween-themed photo, check-out polar bear Carly and her pumpkin. That’s my kinda girl.

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