Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back To My Roots

It’s January!

I thought it would never get here. I usually love Christmas and the holiday season. Right up until about the middle of December, when I turn into a Scroogy person, sick of the pressure to buy, eat, and stand in line at the post office. So I’m glad to take the tree down and stuff the decorations into a dark spot in the garage.

And I promised I would share some goals, plans for 2010, all that productive stuff. Sigh. For some reason I don’t feel much like planning; I think because my mindset is here. But still. Must make plans, what with the Valentine’s Day junk already in the stores.

So I plan to edit this time travel YA I’ve been working on called TIMEFIX. More on this later, it’s pretty cool (crime, time travel, and diner food—what more could you ask for, right?).

And I want to write more short stories. After the fun I had writing a flash for this challenge in November, I realized I need to do more of that. It’s fun, try it if you’re inclined (my friend Ali is of the same mindset this month, it seems). I love it, and have some good story ideas brewing already.

So 2010 will be all about getting back to my roots. Oh, and I hope to get around to writing a historical YA I’ve been plotting, but that’s for later in the year.

Anyway, those are my plans. I feel all organized, and even happy to get back to work.

How about you? Any plans for 2010?


  1. I love how we sometimes synch up without planning on it ;) Hoorah for shorts!

  2. It's strangely liberating, after working on these big novel projects for so long. Like I'm cutting class or something :-)


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