Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Lives Under A High School

This past Monday, I taught my last class of the year (on fiction writing)at my local high school. It's always interesting to see who shows up--directing teenagers can be a lot like herding cats (no insult there, I love cats).

This last one was pretty hands-on, because I worked with the class, showing how to plot a novel using the three-act system. And we did. It took my class (all girls this time) no time at all to toss out fun ideas, which reminded me: teenagers are sharp as a tack. I was humbled, and reminded of why I love to write for kids: they have an uncluttered intelligence, imagination, and willingness to go on a fictional journey that's just tough to find in an adult audience.

I laughed my butt off with this class, and I was sorry this year's sessions were done. Oh, in case you're wondering: in our novel called Dragon High, dragons are living under the high school, and it's up to our hero emo Steve to slay them and the evil janitorial crew to get the girl.

I told you we had fun.


  1. Sounds like a blast.

    So, will we be seeing a story starring Emo Steve anytime soon?

  2. Who knows? :-) He's the perfect anti-hero, crying in the corner and all that.


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