Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Music: I Heart Overalls

It wasn't until today that I realized I skipped Monday Music! Shame on me. I'll blame my house, since I was busy painting it--it looks good, though I realized while I was up high on the ladder that I needed overalls for the job. They have handy loops and pockets.

I love overalls. I wore them for years, until fashion magazines repeatedly reminded me they were no longer cool, and hadn't been for a long time. So when my last pair fell apart, I didn't buy another (as it turned out you can't buy them anywhere except farmer feed stores, which I took as another hint).

Anyway, as I was thinking about how much I missed overalls, I thought of Come On Eileen, THE overall song if there ever was one. It's also a bit of a stalker story, so don't try this at home, kids.

Here's to hoping overalls come back into fashion. Legwarmers did, so why not right?


  1. Give it time.

    Or you could start the ball rolling.

  2. Starting the trend, hmmmm...
    I like that idea :-)

  3. Tall thin people look good in overalls. I am neither so I don't regret the passing of this fashion trend.

  4. Oh. I am tall and skinny though :)

  5. I feel a new trend coming on... :-)))

  6. overalls rock, yes, they are the best clothing, and they are coming back, we are already a kind of overalls movement ! a facebook group and an annual overalls day November 20th ! overall greetings from Niels/bibfessor


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