Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Year of The (Spy) Book

Now that I've had a chance to dip my toe in the waters of 2012 (I know, I'm a little slow here), I started thinking about what I want to accomplish this year.

Of course for me it'll be the year of the book, with Double Vision out late this year and all (exciting! scary!). I'll have to leave my comfy chair and travel (a post for a different time). Plus, I'll be starting work on book two in the series shortly--fun, fun, fun.

But I also want to read more this year--very important for a writer, and also fun, so double-score. For those of you looking to add to your reading list like me, check out this School Library Journal list of YA spy books.

A great list to grow your 2012 TBR pile.

1 comment:

  1. Gave a talk at my grandson's kindergarten class and was amazed at their interest in spies. I guess from SPY KIDS.


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