Monday, August 12, 2013

Because we could all stand to dance in public a little more (Monday Music)

I'm a big Sara Bareilles fan, and somehow missed until a few days ago that she had a new album out... Must be the summer heat or something. The album is great, by the way, I highly recommend it.

Here's the video for Brave. See, I dance in public all the time (much to my kids' horror), so it's nice to be called brave.

Happy Monday, all. Hope you dance a little today!



  1. Going shopping after dance class is especially dangerous. I find myself dancing to whatever is on the PA.

    A couple years ago we did our tap number to Michael Buble's "I've Got the World on a String". It was a week or so before recital, and I was in B&N. They happened to be playing it on the PA. Next thing I knew, I was tapping down the aisle. Caught myself before anyone else saw.

  2. You should've kept dancing, Deb! :-)


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