Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday around the web: saying goodbye, library love, and Kermit with a banjo

This was a sad week in many ways. First, there was the loss of Lee Thompson Young, actor on Rizzoli & Isles. Man, that show won't be the same without him...

Then there was the passing of Elmore Leonard. I could write a dozen posts on how he's influenced my writing, but I'll only be repeating what's been said by others. He'll be missed tremendously.

It's odd when someone you never knew personally, but impacted you anyway, dies. To add to the sadness: I just heard that a young writer friend passed away--we'll miss you, Amy.

It put a dark stamp on the week for sure. All best to the families, who'll be feeling this loss and such a deeper level...

On a happier note: there was this great article on what kids think the world would be like without libraries.
And in case you're a cheapskate like me: 28 ways a library can save you money.

To end the week with a smile, here's Steve Martin and Kermit, playing some banjo.

Banjo music makes everything a little better. And Kermit, too.

Have a bright, happy weekend, all.


  1. Do kids go to libraries anymore? Here I rarely see kids read books leave alone go to public libraries. I do, however, see parents buying loads of children's, activity, and YA books that I'm not so sure kids really read.

  2. Here they definitely go to the library--and certainly, to the school library. During book signings, I do quite well, so kids definitely read even outside school (though probably with some parental encouragement :-)

    Growing up in Holland, I remember you had to pay for your membership. Here in the U.S., it's free, though budget cuts are making the librarians' jobs harder every year...


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