Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday around the web: Crime and Science radio, how to start a book club for kids, and kitten food crisis

It's September! I thought this month would never get here... Here in southern Mississippi, each fall month gets us closer to humanly tolerable temps. Currently we're battling the nineties with umptienthousand percent humidity, but we're getting closer to November, when we can go outside and breathe again... :-)

But enough about the weather already. This week on the Twitterz, it was a short week with a hodge-podge of news, like that there will be a new Agatha Christie novel (not sure I'm cool with that, but I'll keep an open mind). For my fellow crime writers: Crime and Science Radio will be hosting webcasts on various crimey topics, starting Saturday with Hollywood Storytelling: Science Fact or Make Believe? This looks like a promising resource...

If you're interested in starting a book club for kids, read my author pal Caroline Starr Rose's blog for a step-by-step guide. Great advice there.

And for some Friday fun, here's a picture of kitten ChuChu, trying to get my attention when I'm editing, but the food bowl is also empty:

Happy weekend, all. Stay frosty...


  1. Megan is having the best time in Oxford despite the temps. I think Oxford is as lively as NY. Last night she had dinner with a Faulkner relative.

  2. So glad to hear she likes it there!

    Though I haven't been up to Oxford, I think it's a whole different world from down here near the coast. I plan to go to Jackson at the end of January; maybe I'll make a detour to Oxford :-)

  3. Glad my cat isn't the only one who likes to interrupt writing/editing.

    I'm not sure about the new "Christie" book either. The article makes it sound like the heirs aren't happy with the current royalties and are looking for a way to bump that. I'll try to keep an open mind, but PD James' new "Austen novel had made me skittish. It was dreadful.

  4. Yeah, I don't get it. Didn't she leave enough great books already? Seems like the only reason to do this is $$$... Let's hope they prove me wrong :-)

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