Monday, October 7, 2013

What's home for you? (or: 93 Million Miles video)

It's just about that time of year where I get into my trusted little Honda Element (affectionately know as Kermit, as he's green and reliable) and hit the road for book launch related events. This stuff is fun and exciting. Around the South for this tour, there are new and old friends to meet, which is my favorite thing to do.

But it does make me think of home, and what that means. Because I won't be able to see a lot of friends--my cool pals in Colorado, for one, because there's a giant Texas to cross (it's big, y'all...). I'll miss seeing friends in Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle--you get the idea. The cool part about the nomad life and the internetz is how quickly you make friends all over, but it's hard to catch up with people in person. And I haven't even considered my many pals and family (!) across the border and pond.

This video made me think of home, and how you carry it with you, sort of. If I can get all philosophical here on your Monday...

How about you? Is there a home you miss, and/or friends you wish didn't live so far away?



  1. It seems appropriate to leave this here ...

    My wife's family lives on one coast, and we live on the other. It would be nice if an entire country didn't lay between us.

  2. Loved that video and song--most appropriate :-) With my family all the way in Holland, I know what you mean...


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