Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For Educators: George Washington resources to use in the classroom

As part of this week-long celebration of our first president's birthday, I wanted to share some resources I found helpful when doing research for Double Vision: Code Name 711. I hope educators out there find them useful! If you have any links to add, please comment...

The internet offers a wealth of links and resources to bring Revolutionary War history to life, and help kids see George Washington as a pretty cool guy who shaped our country. Here is a short list:

Culper Ring History Links
The International Spy Museum: this Washington, D.C. museum has a wealth of resources for educators, plus great events for kids throughout the year.
Mount Vernon: What better place to get the skinny on George Washington’s history than at his home, Mount Vernon. Be sure to visit the links at the bottom of this narrative, for images that bring the Culper Ring activities to life for students.
History Channel: a history on the Culper Ring. If working with older (middle-grade) students, consider watching the Decoded episode on the Culper Ring.
Stony Brook University library: Another recap of Culper Ring history, with great images of original documents.
Information on George Washington
The White House: Your first stop for all things presidential. You can find a biography on George Washington, and First Lady Martha.
Library of Congress: Did you know that the LOC has a whole section devoted to games, resources and activities for kids and families? A great site to keep bookmarked.
The Smithsonian Institute: Be sure to visit the Smithsonian’s kids page, and the “Mr. President” link for profiles on all our country’s presidents, including George Washington.
PBS George Washington page: A great comprehensive resource, for reports or other projects.


  1. Love that spy museum although my mother walked into a post and knocked herself out there. Be careful on all fronts.

  2. Yikes, that's not good... I do hope to visit the museum (and the Smithsonian) someday. It looks amazing.

  3. I'd have much preferred learning about Washington's spy ring in school, instead of the whole fictional cherry tree story.

  4. It's such a cool bit of history. And it's fun to go on school visits now, and see the kids' faces light up when I talk about the Culper Ring and Washington.


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