Friday, February 7, 2014

Where I talk book covers and cover reveals

Good news: I get to reveal the cover of Double Vision: The Alias Men next week! It's Linc's third (and last) adventure, set in Hollywood and featuring Charlie Chaplin's hat that has dangerous powers... It's due out in the fall of this year.

Cover reveals are fun, especially for us author folk. There's something about a cover that makes the whole thing (that would be the book) real. But it's also a little nerve-wracking, since you don't know if people will like the cover.

And it always gets me to think about covers, both good and bad. Something I noticed: the more famous the author, the more boring the cover.... Just look at some of the blockbuster thrillers and mysteries: their covers are highly forgettable.

How about you, YA Sleutheri? Any favorite/ugly book covers that come to mind?


  1. I'm a sucker for great covers. I try not to, but I have to admit I judge a book by its cover. If I'm scrolling through a whole lot of books, the cover is what grabs me to check the blurb. I'm currently working through the cover for my new book, it's very hard to pinpoint what makes a great cover.
    Best of luck with your reveal, I look forward to seeing it.

  2. I'm pretty subjective that way too, I'm ashamed to admit... Looking forward to seeing your cover!!

  3. Yeah! So excited that we will get to see the cover for Linc's third and final adventure before too long. Sorry it will be his last book though! I do love a good cover. There are so many great ones that catch my eye. I look for something that draws me in, but it varies from book to book. I love the Sleuth or Dare covers and the Books of Elsewhere series too. :)

  4. I looked up those covers, Jess--you're right: very nice... I liked the new Romily Bernard book cover too. Fun, to see what these art departments come up with :-)


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