Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Travel, Thankfully Reading, and Other Happenings

It's November! That may not come as a shock to you, but it was to me. Seeing the calendar date made me look behind me to see where time has gone...

But I'm a fan of November, so no worries. I get the hour back that was stolen for Daylight Savings, there are pretty fall colors here in Colorado, and Thanksgiving approaches, which is my favorite holiday. Food, family, all that.

Plus, I'm going to Scottsdale and L.A. next week! If you're attending the AZ & Mountains and Plains Library Association(s) conference, come say hi on Thursday. I'll be talking about different ways to reach reluctant readers.
And you can also find me in Los Angeles for Bouchercon! I'm on a YA panel Friday, and I'll be on the Queen Mary for the YA Funfest on Sunday. You can have lunch with me; I promise I have good table manners.

Also this November, as part of the CBC Roundtable, Linc interviews MG author S.W. Lothian's characters Lewis and Eva--that's on Friday the 14th. You must stop by for that; these characters are so cool.

One thing I don't like about Thanksgiving weekend is the shopping nonsense while the turkey is still warm. And I'm not alone. So Jenn's Book Thoughts has come up with the Thankfully Reading challenge: instead of shopping, we read. Brilliant idea. You can join the fun right here.

So that's November, in a nutshell. No NaNoWriMo for me, but I'm plenty busy anyway.

How about you? Anyone writing, or reading anything good...?


  1. Fleur, you have a busy schedule ahead. I wish you luck and I hope you fun. I didn't know about NaNoWriMo till I started blogging. I'm reading all kinds of stuff, mainly short fiction right now.

  2. It's interesting you bring up short fiction, Prashant--it's one of my goals to get back to reading (and maybe writing) more of it. There's an anthology coming out at Bouchercon I'm eager to read...

  3. Good luck with your events! I've heard Bouchercon is just amazing!

  4. Thanks, Jennifer! I'll be sure to report on it :-)


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