Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Projects

It's hotter than July here in Colorado, and it's not even July yet... I'm not such a fan of heat. But I will say that summer is good for writing for me, not sure why. Maybe it's the longer days, or that the sun kicks me out of bed earlier? In any case, I'm on a roll with writing, which is nice. 2016 is my year for holing up and writing some manuscripts, so let the words stack up, please.

One of my projects has me delving into music history a little, blues history in particular. So I'm listening to all kinds of oldies to get in the mood. And I also have some new music on the playlist-- this up-and-coming band Kaleo came across my radar. I was sure they hailed from the deep south, from some town in the Alabama or Mississippi mud, because that's the sound. Turns out Kaleo is from Iceland. I kid you not. Check it out:

I like being surprised, and I like it when the universe reminds me that not everything is so predictable. I try to use that little trick in my writing, too, when I think I can get away with it.

I'm not easily surprised anymore when it comes to books. I tried to think of an example, but can't think of a single book where a plot twist blew me off my socks.

Help me out, guys: any books that threw you for a loop?


  1. Fleur, we have just had three months of scorching summer and we are now in the thick of the Indian monsoon that's going to last till September. Heavy rains and floods throw life out of gear but it's also a good time to sit at home and write and read and write some more. Good luck with your writing projects.

  2. You actually make a monsoon sound good, at least for writing and reading...

  3. Hope the writing is going well! Sounds like you have been getting a lot done in 2016! :)

  4. Agree with you fully, heard "way down we go" on the radio, googled it and was shocked to hear they were from Iceland, then googled kaleo "way down we go""deep south" to see if anybody else thought so, found your post!!

  5. I know, right? I love to be surprised. The whole album is pretty good (there's even an Icelandic song in there). In any case, thanks for stopping by and commenting, Gunga!


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