Friday, December 15, 2017

For Bill Crider

The internet is a cool place, especially for someone like me, who spends a fair amount of time in their home office. The web and my online friends act like a virtual watercooler, for us to catch up, have a laugh, share book recommendations.

I have these kind of virtual watercooler pals all over the world, many of whom I'll never meet. People I admire, whose writing I enjoy, and often people who lift me up.

Bill Crider is one of those guys. He's an author I respect (love his Dan Rhodes mysteries, latest here to the left), someone I look to for book recommendations, and he's a fellow cat person--if you know him on Facebook, you'll be familiar with his photos of the VBKs (Very Bad Kittens).

Bill is in hospice care by now, which you may know if you hang around my virtual watercooler. It's strange to miss a friend you've never met. Yet I do.

Bill mentioned he regrets not having time to review Alive in Shape and Color, an anthology edited by Lawrence Block, so I thought I'd take that torch from him, to come in the next few weeks.

Fellow online friends have reviews, thoughts, etc. you can find on author Patricia Abbott's blog.


  1. I know what you mean about missing a friend I haven't met

  2. You might want to check out Bill's YA novel, THE GIRL WHO WANTED TO BE SHERLOCK HOLMES. It's a kindle original.

  3. I'm checking that one out--thanks, Evan!


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