Thursday, October 3, 2019

October News

It's October! If you're like me, you've probably already busted out all your fluffy sweaters and random orange décor, like these little pumpkins. I love fall, October especially because it's the it's-still-nice-out kind of weather.

What I've Been Up To

Although the blog has been kind of quiet, that doesn't mean that all I've been doing is lounge by the pool this summer. I've actually been hard at work, editing my top-secret middle-grade mystery. I've been dying to tell everyone about it, but for now I still need to zip it. More soon, I promise.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying reading all the Kidlit, including chapter books and picture books, with hopes of writing my own. It's harder than it looks, people...

What I'm Reading

I've never been a huge fan of spooky things (I don't like being scared), but I'm kind of coming around from that point of view. I'm enjoying horror movies and TV--much to the entertainment of my husband and kids, who laugh when I jump at the scary things), and am checking out spooky MG. I even found this website dedicated to spooky middle-grade.

We spent the night at the Colorado Hotel last month, which was old and very spooky. Check out these twin doors--made me think of The Shining...

And of course I had to read The Institute by horror master Stephen King. Not spooky all that much, but scary and good.

Where To Find Me

Other than school visits and Skype visits, I'm happy to say I'm spending my time by the fireplace. Starting Oct. 21st, I'm also teaching an online class on writing YA--it's short and fun, perfectly timed for NaNoWriMo...

Happy October, all!. Here's a picture of Luna, who is always ready for sweater weather (check out all that fluff)


  1. I can't believe it's already October. Thanks for the update, and best of luck with your new top-secret MG!


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