Monday, February 6, 2012

The Best of Both Worlds

No worries--I won't be subjecting you to that Hannah Montana song of the same title.

There's this article over at Publishers Weekly about bundling print and e-editions of a book for customers, which I thought was very interesting. I don't care so much as a writer, but as a reader, I like the idea. I have a new e-reader, but still catch myself hesitating over ordering the e-edition over print.

Take book XYZ: the print edition is $14, roughly; Kindle sets you back $10. And I still find myself preferring print. Not sure why. Maybe because I'm old-school, maybe because I've lost my share of MP3 files and wish I'd bought the CD.

I for one would love this type of book bundle. The article talks lots about the business angle of it all, but I don't really care about that--from my reader perspective.

What do you think? Would you buy the bundle for a few bucks more?


  1. Absolutely! I'd be much more willing to get an e-reader if I knew I could easily replace a book if the reader got zapped. Especially after having a laptop crash with 5,000+ songs on it. Did retrieve them, but still was a scary couple days.

  2. I find myself buying ebooks only when there is no print book so far. It still doesn't seem like a real book to me--and that's even after I have an ebook myself. I doubt many of us over fifties will completely forsake print books.

  3. I'm a bit under fifty, but have a really hard time. My kids still read print 100 percent of the time.

    I wonder if it's one of those things that just takes time, or if old habits are too hard to break.


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