Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do you ever miss the characters of your favorite TV show or book?

My love has been off putting miles on his combat boots at the other side of the world. Me, I take that as an opportunity to get caught up on my British crime shows. They're my favorite, and he doesn't like them so much...

And with the joys of streaming, I can catch whole seasons at a time (well, at least over the course of a few weeks). I watched Wallander, Inpector Lewis, Sherlock (it's a long deployment, don't judge me).

I got into this crime show called Vera, too. The downside to this binge-watching of TV? Sometimes, you get tired of a show, but other times, it becomes a tad addictive. I was all into Vera, but then there were only two seasons. And I missed her, even though she's the most unlikable of characters. Weird, huh?

I have the same problem with some book characters, like Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch. I just don't want these people (who totally aren't real, I do know this) to disappear. But it wasn't until I missed my Vera that I understood why my kid readers get so frustrated when they hear they have to wait for the next book. I get it now. You miss this imaginary person, and the imaginary world they live in.

How about you? Do you have TV show or book characters you're that invested in?


  1. I am invested in the women in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK because it is so rare than complex women turn up on TV. Also the character(s) in ORPHAN BLACK. I will really miss the characters in BREAKING BAD and MAD MEN once they are gone too.
    I can't think of any network show that gives us rich enough characters to miss.

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about ORANGE--will have to check it out...

    You're right: networks shows just don't seem to dig deep enough. There are a few decent ones, but it's rare.

  3. Fleur, I don't watch serious dramas on television. I remember being glued to YES, MINISTER and YES, PRIME MINISTER and the antics of the three main actors, Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne, and Derek Fowlds, especially the late Sir Hawthorne. I also liked Matthew Perry's character in FRIENDS which owes much of its success to Chandler Bing's one-liners and spontaneous acting.

  4. Chandler is a brilliant character, I loved FRIENDS :-) I should watch some of it again...

  5. I still miss Scully and Mulder from The X-Files. Especially the early years before the whole "We're going to flip around what everyone believes just to keep things fresh" thing.

  6. Ah, yes--Mulder and Scully... I always wonder with these characters: is it the writing, the actors, both?

  7. I read somewhere that the Fox Network Execs wanted Chris Carter to cast a tall, leggy blonde as Scully, and he had to fight to keep Gillian Anderson. I can't believe it would have been the same show without her.


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