Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday, birthday, birthday...

It's my birthday today! Also, it's my book birthday for Code Name 711, and Double Vision launches in paperback today. That's, like, a triple birthday.

This calls for cake...

I had my fun over the weekend at the SCBWI Southern Breeze Wik conference in Birmingham (there were other people providing food and cake, pretty awesome). I got inspired, learned more stuff about the seriousness of Alabama college football (dude...), and caught up with good friends. This picture was taken by Jo Kittinger (I forgot to take pics, once again...)

So this is a great week for me. And the fun doesn't end: the Code Name 711 Blog Tour is in full swing--check out the tour stops below! There will be virtual cake, interviews, reviews, and BOOK GIVEAWAYS (those must go in all-caps, of course).

Have a great day, YA Sleutheri. The cake is on me...

Double Vision: Code Name 711 Blog Tour Stops

Oct 7: Librarian extraordinaire Ms. Yingling reviews Double Vision: Code Name 711

Oct. 7: Criminal Element is giving away a Top-Secret Spy Kit for kids, including the first and second book in the Double Vision series.

Oct. 8Double Vision is MG Ninja’s book of the week. There’s an interview and a review!

Oct 8: Check out this great review of Code Name 711 at Our Thoughts Precisely...

Oct. 15Launch day! Look for an interview at Sleuths, Spies and Alibis plus another GIVEAWAY of books… Also, virtual cake and lemonade is on me.

Oct. 16, 17Buried in Books reviews Double Vision, plus another GIVEAWAY:

Oct. 18Unleashing Readers—a review of Code Name 711 and interview and GIVEAWAY

Oct. 21This Kid Reviews Books—cool kid Erik gives his verdict on Linc’s second adventure, and another GIVEAWAY

Oct. 23Word Spelunking—an interview and GIVEAWAY

Oct. 25: The ever amazing in-the-know Pragmatic Mom reviews Code Name 711, plus another GIVEAWAY:

Oct. 28: An interview at Caroline Starr Rose’s blog feature,Curriculum Connections—find out how Code Name 711 can be used in the classroom! Plus, a GIVEAWAY

Oct 29: Another amazing librarian, YA Booknerd, reviews Code Name 711.. Plus, a GIVEAWAY

Oct. 30: A review at Kids Mystery Book Reviews! And an interview on Nov. 4...


  1. Fleur, a very Happy Birthday to you! Here's wishing you plenty of success and sales in your writing career, and on your book tour.

  2. Belated birthday wishes to you! Hope you had a great day.

  3. Thanks, Loren! It was a kid writer kind of birthday, with pizza and cake :-)

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had much to celebrate.

  5. Thanks, A.J.! Yes, it was fun (and a little strange, too :-)


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